Camille’s and Laura’s presentation

Hi everybody,

My name is Camille and I’m a 25 years old girl coming from France. I will stay in Pori for 12 months as an European Volunteer. For those who wonder what that means to be an European Volunteer, let me explain : If you’re between 17 and 30, you can find a project that lasts from 2 weeks to 12 months in a european country different than yours. Then, as a volunteer you can work in a wide range of fields, such as culture, youth, sports, children, cultural heritage, arts, animal welfare, environment and development cooperation. 

I discover the possibility to do an Europen Voluntary Service (EVS) when I was 18. At that time, I met volunteers that came in France to do theirs and was so enthralled by how they were talking about their EVS experience. Since then I wanted to find out by myself what it means to live abroad and volunteer in a different country.

So here I am, seven years later. First, I finished my studies in social work and worked as a care worker in a foster institution. I really loved that job but the EVS idea was still there. I started looking for a project that I could enjoy. At some point I applied for the one in Pori and I was so so happy when they said they were choosing me. That was meaning new challenges, new langages to speak, new skills to learn, new beautiful places to discover, new weather and so on. That’s really exciting and I have to admit somewhat frightening.

I arrived the 30th August and was warmly welcomed by my tutor and one of the last year’s volunteer, Cristina. The first days was spent in exploring the city a little and adjusting living in a new appartment with my german flatmate Laura. She is also doing the EVS in Pori. Then, the both of us are starting getting to know the people we will work with. And soon, we will visit the Youth Houses and meet the youngsters there. And after that… well let’s see what surprises this new year will bring.

– Camille


My name is Laura Concilio, I am 24 years old an one of two volunteers in Pori.

 Who am I ?

I come from Germany and there I was already working in an immagration office for 2,5 years. During my spare time I’m dancing in a carnival club since I am 6 years old.  There I was also responsible for our youth group and together with the other leaders we planed and organized some events for the youngster and the whole club. Apart from that, I like to meet with friends in my spare time and visit together comedy shows, musicals, circus, theatre or simply little regional markets/events.

How I deciced to do the EVS

Since the end of 2016 I have discovered travelling for myself. So I already have been in some European main cities or big cities by myself. After a few trips, I thought that it would be great to get to know the country and the people not only on holiday, but also how the everyday life is there and so to see completely other side than a tourist does.

So I started to inform myself about the opportunities to go abroad.  Then I deciced to do the EVS because it was the best chance to connect work, travel and also learn a new language with little effort. 

Why this Project?

It wasn’t easy to find a project even if I was open minded to almost every country. I prefered going to english spoken or spanish spoken countrys. But my german tutor always said:” be open minded for every country.” But I had some conditions to myself so there weren’t so much projects left. I applied and applied and sometimes I got no answer at all or cancellations. It was so depressing because time was running to the deadlines the organizations can apply for their projects by the National Agency and I still didn’t get an answer yet.

Then my tutor was sending me an email for the project ”International Youth Houses in Pori” and I applied immediately, hoping that the dream of a foreign experience will come true. And then Riikka wrote just to answer some question to be selected. And YES – HERE I AM !


I did not come here with any great expectations. I’ll just see what’s coming up and try to make the best of it. In the Hope it fits somehow 😀

I am also writing a Blog for my friends and family in Germany. (  Of course it is written in german but I would be lucky if maybe some of you would also have a look there 😉 And in time of Google translater it could not be that problem.





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