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City of Huittinen Youth services

Kuva on koriste ja pitämässä paikkaa palvelun tarjoajan tulevaa kuvaa varten.

City of Huittinen offers different kind of leisure activities for children and young people. In youth centres there’s open door activities for young people at the age of 13-17.  There you can hang out with your friends, play different kind of games (such as billiard or playstation) or just spend some time with other people. Our youth centres are intoxicant and safe places for young people to spend time. There’s always youth work professionals working in our youth centres and other activities.

Youth centres in the City of Huittinen Vampulan nuokkari and Nuorisoklubi.

Other activities: We also organize different kind of clubs, events, excursions and camps all year round. You can find more information about our activities here in or by following us on social media. You’re very welcome to participate!

Instagram: @nuortenhuittinen