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🌎 BRIEFLY IN ENGLISH collects all the youth services in the Bear Municipalities together. Here you can find all spare time services and a help service covering the topics of for example studying, health, and employment for instance. The purpose of the sites is to make it easier for both young people and adults working with them to find information about local services aimed at young people.

Nuokkakarhu (“Nuokka bear”) is the mascot of the site and youth work. Nuokkakarhu’s personality is negative, passive, and grumpy, which reflects both the stereotypical Finnish mentality and ‘teenage angst’. The slogan of youth work is ‘Don’t listen to the bear’, which encourages young people to abandon the passivity of Nuokkakarhu and to participate.
The Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube accounts of the Bear Municipalities youth work were named after the mascot: @nuokkakarhu.

Briefly about some of the youth services in the Bear Municipalities: