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The Youth Services of Nakkila

Kuva on koriste ja pitämässä paikkaa palvelun tarjoajan tulevaa kuvaa varten.

Nakkila’s youth services organises multiple kinds of activities for people ages 11 through 28. The youth services employs a youth & leisure service planner, a youth councelor, an outreach youth worker, and multiple youth instructors.

The Youth Club is part of the services offered to young people. The club is located in connection to the gym center. The club is open 4 times a week; once a week for grades 5–6, and 3 times a week for 13–17-year-olds. The club is a space for hanging out, watching movies, and has activities such as a pool table, and multiple console- and board games. Other activities can be arranged by request of the attendees. In addition, the gymnasium is available for use for 5th and 6th graders during club hours.

In addition to the club, the youth services works with schools, provides substance abuse education and outreach youth work. Youth services also organises different kinds of events, trips, and camps. Nakkila also has a youth council, which has an important role in giving young people a voice in municipal decision-making.

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