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Youth services in Huittinen

Kuva on koriste ja pitämässä paikkaa palvelun tarjoajan tulevaa kuvaa varten.

In city of Huittinen there are two youth centres, Vampulan nuokkari and Nuorisoklubi.
In youth centres you can play different games like billiard, ping-pong, video games, or just hang out with your friends and listen to music. We always offer you snack and something to drink. Sometimes we can even cook whole meals. Everything we do in youth centres is free and youth centre is intoxication free zone.

Our youth workers are always there for you. You can ask help if you have something on your mind or just talk about everyday life. There are two and half youth workers and two and half outreach youth workers.  You can contact us in any case. You can find our contact in Nuokka:

You can learn more about these here in and our Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube: @nuokkakarhu .

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