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Youth services in Merikarvia

Kuva on koriste ja pitämässä paikkaa palvelun tarjoajan tulevaa kuvaa varten.

There is a free time/activities center in Merikarvia, where you can also find a designated place for youth to hang out at, called Nuokkari. (Onnintie 1, Vapaa-aikakeskus Rysä). Nuokkari is open from Monday to Friday from 16.30 to 20.30, and 5 graders and up are all welcome to spend time in Nuokkari. Nuokkari is a place where you can hang out, play board games, table tennis, billiard, air hockey and even playstation. 

Merikarvia offers different groups, activities and theme nights/events for youth, for example a group for girls, K-18 nights at Nuokkari, Christmas parties, etc. The youth workers are also available online, or you can send a message and set up a meeting. 

Merikarvia’s youth workers can help in anything at all you might have in mind and are there for the youth. You can for example get help for finding a new hobby or a job, filling out Kela-forms, or anything else. 

In Merikarvia you will find two people working at the youth services, one as a youth worker and another as an outreach worker. Both will keep the conversations confidential and will help you, however small or big the issues might be. Nuokkari and the activities center are safe spaces, and should you or one of your friends experience bullying, you can talk to any one of the personnel and they will help you. 

You can find us from Nuokkari, school, virtual platforms, and different events and activities. You can always send a message or call should you want to talk with us.

Merikarvian Nuorisovaltuusto (Nuva) is a youth counsil. You can candidate for the youth counsil if you are interested in politics and especially interested in developing the services for the youth in Merikarvia and want to make young people’s voice heard. The members of the youth counsil have to be between 13 and 20 years old. Currently the youth counsil has 7 members.

You can find out more about the youth services in Merikarvia and contact us in our social media: 

Instagram: @nuortenmerikarvia
Facebook: Merikarvian Etsivä Nuorisotyö
Discord: Nuorisotyö Merikarvia 
Snapchat: entmerikarvia

You can learn more about these here in and our Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube: @nuokkakarhu or connect us:

Hope to see you soon in Nuokkari!