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Youth services in Pomarkku

Kuva on koriste ja pitämässä paikkaa palvelun tarjoajan tulevaa kuvaa varten.

Pomarkku’s youth service organizes several different activities for all young people in our little village. The youth service employs one youth worker who arranges different kind of happenings all over Pomarkku. Youth worker also meet local youngsters in our schools.

Main place to meet our youth worker Kati is in youth house which locates near schools and good exercise places. Youth house is mainly open from Tuesday to Saturday. Earlier in evening from 17 to 19 youth house is open for younger 10-12 ages old and from 19 to 21 or 22 house welcomes over 12 old people. In youth house there are many activities for leisure time for example billiards, table tennis, console- and board games.

To get the best for the villages young people, we have also a youngs council who listen to all youg people around the village and brings their wishes and development propositions for countys adminisration.

For more information search our social media and county’s internet page.

Youth worker sc Kati Nuoriso-ohjaaja

Also youth work updates you find: sc nuorisotyomika or ig nuortenpomarkku.