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Youth work in Harjavalta

Kuvassa on graffitimaalaus, jossa on Harjavallan kaupungin vaakuna.

Harjavalta youth work provides various activities to young people mainly between ages 13-17. Our youth center aka Nuokkari or Kuppila is open five days a week. There you can play billiard, console games and air hockey just to mention some examples. Youth center is a place to hang out with friends and chat with the youth leaders on your free time. We also organize theme nights and various competitions at the youth center.

There are two full-time youth workers at Harjavalta, one youth leader and one outreach youth worker. We do collaboration with local schools, youth workshop and congregation. We also do projects together with our neighbouring municipalities such as Kokemäki. Youth work arranges different kinds of camps, events and trips all year around.

Harjavalta has their own youth council. You can join the youth council if you are between the ages of 13-18 and interested in developing the town and it’s services for young people. The youth council is the young people’s voice and makes their opinions heard in the decision making structures. The youth council members also organize different events of their own with the help of youth work.

You can learn more about these here in and our Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube: @nuokkakarhu or connect us:

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