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Youth Work in Ulvila

Kuvassa on Kaskelotin nuorisotilan valaistuna sinivioletiksi. Kuvassa on tietokoneita ja pelaavia nuoria.

The city of Ulvila has a wide range of different youth activities.
We have a youth center here, it’s called Kaskelotin nuokkari. Youth center is a place where you can come alone or spend free time with your friends. It’s also a safe, discrimination and drug-free place to spend time. Here’s always an adult professional youth worker there for you. In addition to spending free time, you can make much more here in “nuokkari”. For example you can do your homework, play different games like billiard, ping-pong, playstation- or card games or just hang out. Sometimes we have different theme nights, tournaments and events here.
Kaskelotin nuokkari is open five times a week. You can see the opening hours in Nuokka.

Remember to follow us in a social media! We are updating our exceptional opening hours, events and everything possible between earth and sky there.
Instagram: @kaskelotinnuokkari
Facebook: kaskelotinnuokkari
Snapchat: kaskelotinuokka
Tiktok: ulvilannuorisotyo

Ulvila has their own youth council. You can join the youth council if you are 13-18 years old and you are living in Ulvila. Every municipality in Finland must have a youth council or equivalent  participation organ for young people. Youth councils represent the youth’s voice in municipal decision-making and by law they have to be given the opportunity to influence planning, preparation, implementation and follow-up activities in different sectors that are relevant for residents’ well-being, health, studying, environment, living and public transport, as well as other matters that the youth council considers relevant.
The City of Ulvila was awarded a youth council- friendly municipal certificate by the Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland Nuva ry 21.11.2020. A youth council-friendly municipal certificate is an indication that the status and activities of the youth council in the municipality are at a commendable level.

Youth council of Ulvila social medias:
Instagram: @ulvilannuva
Facebook: Ulvilan nuorisovaltuusto

You can learn more about these here in and our Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube: @nuokkakarhu or connect us:

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