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It is me, Verzhinia Ivanova, the EVS volunteer from Bulgaria currently here in Pori, Finland. Previously, I told you about the month that I spend going around Europe. Now, I will tell you more about my work and what I have been doing as a volunteer in the past month and a half.

So, after my best friend left Finland and my holiday was officially over, I went back to work. I had a couple of days in the office where I was catching up to what I had missed during my time away and then the preparations began.

The Youth Houses Tour was coming up and I had so much to do. I printed out flyers and brochures about EVS that I had created in advance. Then, I cut and folded them so that they were prepared to hand out and leave for anyone who is interested. 


For the tour, I prepared a small quiz of two parts. The first one being about the European Union and that has to be done by yourself and the second part being about Erasmus and EVS and that can be done with the help of the EVS brochures and flyers.  With the help of the first part of the quiz, I could see how much the youngsters knew about the EU and with the second part I could make them read the info about EVS while they searched for the answers of the quiz thus learning more about the programme. Afterwards, I explained where their mistakes were and told them the reason why the correct answer is such and where were the mistakes in the other possible answers. Some people even had questions and we talked more about the topics. I believe, it was a really educational game and I hope that the knowledge I shared with them through this game quiz is something that they will remember and even maybe start researching on their own.

Furthermore, I prepared a coin game in which people had to guess how much money in euros had I given them. The trich was that I gave them bulgarian coins which are a completely different currency. It was fascinating how many different answers I received. I think this raised their awareness about internationality and the fact that something as simple as money, something that we use in our daily life could be so different depending on the country.

A little secret: there is around 1€ in this picture

As a follow up of the coins guessing, each participant got a small cup and from a height or around 30sm they had to get as many coins as they can into it. The important thing was that not the number of coins into the cup mattered but the amount of money that there were.

The winners of the games received some sweets as prises. It was definitely fun and nice. 

I also took part in an event in one of the schools here. I had six different classes and I presented myself, my project and the opportunities youngsters have here in Pori and abroad. Afterwards, I told them about my home country Bulgaria and we even danced some traditional Bulgarian dances. They also had the chance to try some traditional bulgarian food.


Me and Cristina (the Italian volunteer here with me) prepared some games for the OMG party. The party had Star Wars as its main theme. There was a disco, video games, quizzes and so on from which you could win different prizes. 

It has been a couple of weeks of hard work. I had so many things to do, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I learned a lot of things and time seemed to fly when there was so much to do.

Now, I am preparing for going home. My birthday (19th of May) is in a couple of days and I can’t wait to celebrate with my family and friends. Meanwhile, here in Pori on the same date the Amazing race is going to take place. It sounds really fun and there are going to be many wonderful games. So, if you are in Pori feel free to at least take a look.

Thank you for the time and attention!!! In a month or two I will post the next blog so wait for it! I wish you a happy and fun May and till next time <3

-Verzhinia, EVS volunteer

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