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Here we are!

I´m Cristina, I´m from Italy and I´ll be an Evs volunteer in Finland for the next 12 months.

In Italy I´ve collaborated for one year with the Eurodesk Center of my area and, within my tasks,  I had to do a lot of meetings with the guys in the High Schools near Verona, my city.

I explained to teenagers all the countless opportunities of the Erasmus+ Plan, and every time I spoke with them about the Evs something weird happened to my mind.

I was thinking about all these amazing and different projects in all the countries of the European Union, and I thought how an experience like that could have been such an incredible adventure. On July, in a really warm day of the Italian summer, my attention was enchanted by an Evs opportunity in Finland.

My first Finnish sunset from the train from the Helsinki Airport

I had been in Finland five years ago for a family journey and it was a journey that I will carry in my heart forever .

So I read the project, it was great and it fitted on my skills at the perfection, so I thought, why not?

The first days in Finland were a little bit difficult for my state of mind, different country, new people, different weather, different customs and all that for one year.

After the first week that feeling of confusion started to disappear to leave place to a spirit of discover this incredible country, so beautiful and unique.

This is my third week in Finland and it is going better day after day.

Me and my flatmate, Verzhinia, a Bulgarian girl who is doing the Evs with me, are introducing ourselves into the different activities, meeting the youngsters and the youth workers in the Pori´s Youth Houses.

The mascot of the Pori´s Youth Houses personalized for me

The first impressions about the work were really positive and I´m really excited to see what is waiting for me here in Finland.

I will try to fulfill my purposes and my expectations from this experience living 100% every day here, meeting new people, travelling, learning a new language and having a lot of fun!

Pictures of the amazing finnish landscapes

-Cristina, EVS-volunteer

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